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This is Who We Are

The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) was formed as a hodgepodge of "Bitcoin Clubs" at Stanford, MIT, and the University of Michigan in early 2014 as a means to properly educate young people and academics about the potential of this incredible new technology. The Network has since spread to every habitable continent, with well over 150 chapters, from Kenya to the Philippines, from middle schools to PhD programs. We even have a network of academics so as to provide cryptocurrency and blockchain researchers with the best means to stay connected.

Our Mission

We are an tax-exempt 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization, dedicated to forming a robust network of student groups and academics for blockchain education, innovation, and advocacy.

What We Do

CCN provides students, academics, and faculty with guidance, administrative and academic resources, job and internship opportunities, industry connections and sponsors, and a network of like-minded individuals seeking to bring blockchain technology to the masses.

Our services

We provide a platform for blockchain entrepreneurs to connect to make this world a better place through innovation.


We provide students with a wealth of educational resources necessary to educate one’s self and others, in addition to a range of multimedia, such as PowerPoints and informational videos.


By joining the CCN, students can connect with similar students around the globe, from Australia to Argentina. We have forums and chatrooms to make collaboration as simple as possible.

Sponsored Events

The CCN has a presence at virtually every bitcoin-related event, and typically provides discounted, if not free, tickets to all of our students. We also help students host events of their own.

Job/Internship Opportunities

Due to our connection with most companies in this nascent industry, we can often provide students with unprecedented access to job and internship opportunities unique to their interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CCN is a decentralized, international, non-profit organization composed of student groups and academics dedicated to blockchain education, innovation, and development.

Before the CCN was founded, few, if any, traditional academic institutions provided courses about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, let alone the blockchain. While that is changing, the CCN gives provides an unparalleled number of resources to any enrolled young person or teacher with just an Internet connection.

The CCN provides students with the resources necessary to organize a “blockchain,” “bitcoin,” or “cryptocurrency” club. This includes: Educational materials: informational presentations, brochures, and website links. Administrative resources: meeting plan outlines and student constitution, budget, and proposal templates. Professional guidance: consultation directly from the CCN core team and from nearby regional directors. Social Network: the CCN website serves as a hub for students (and academics!) across the globe, where they can collaborate and learn from one another.

Beyond its aforementioned resources, the CCN provides a wealth of opportunities unrivaled by other national and international student groups: Events: support is provided to chapters seeking to host free regional conferences and/or hackathons (i.e. connections to speakers and sponsors, and occasionally financial support.) Courses: free online lectures, webinars, and classes taken from some of the world’s premiere universities and online learning centers, and taught by some of the top minds in the industry. FREE SWAG: access to a limited number of tickets to industry conferences and hackathons, to coin giveaways, jobs, depending on size, every chapter receives 50 to 200 copies of each issue of yBitcoin magazine. Jobs: employment opportunities through CCN’s Jobs & Internship posting board, powered by Coinality, and through HoneyBadgr, a start-up that specializes in cryptocurrency company recruiting. Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs): the CCN connects students to BTM (e.g. BitAccess, Skyhook, & BitXatm,) owners and operators, such as Liberty Teller and Midwest Bitcoin, for placement on their campuses.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.

Instant peer-to-peer transactions

Worldwide payments

Zero or low processing fees

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